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For moms who want more than to survive, we're here to help you thrive!

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thriving mamas

As moms with kids of all ages, we get how hard parenting can be at times. Jen Coursey, co-founder of THRIVEtoday, gathered a small group of moms together to share encouragement and practical tips for joy-filled parenting. "Mommying ain't easy," has never been so true. If you're tired (and who isn't?) join us for a thriving mom life.

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jen coursey

Co-founder of THRIVEtoday and founder of Thriving Mamas, Jen has 2 boys and loves to share in their silliness. Her decades of experience in relational living make her our chief Thriving Mama.

lieza bates

Lieza has 2 boys and her youngest is a girl. She shares her love of sassiness, playfulness, but is an introvert at heart and you can find her hiding away to read.

kristy harrang

Kristy is the adventurer of the group, handling 2 teenagers and 2 younger kids all at once. Her quiet grace and compassion are a wonderful warmth to the soul.

"the funny thing about kids is, they are the reason we lose it and the reason we hold it together."

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